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Feldspar grinding mill price,grinding mill for feldspar manufacturer

Release Time: 2014-5-22 15:15:39 Visits:Source: www.greatwallmill.net Editor:GreatWall
Feldspar grinding mill is mainly used for feldspar grinding.Great Wall is a world leading feldspar grinding mill manufacturer,providing durable and reliable grinding mill for feldspar with reasonable price.Great Wall feldspar grinding mill is divided into Raymond mill,ball mill,high pressure suspension mill,micro powder mill and vertical roller mill.
High Pressure Suspension Mill For Feldspar Grinding
Great Wall feldspar grinding mill features

1.Feldspar mill is three-dimensional structure, small footprint, strong completed with independent self-contained system from the block to powder production.

2.Refined powder fineness is uniform with through screening rate of 99 %, which is difficult to have for other milling equipment.

3.Feldspar mill host transmission uses sealed gear box and pulleys, with transmission smooth and reliable operation.

4.Important parts of feldspar mill are made of high quality steel, wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance materials, with strong wear resistance.

5.Feldspar mill electric system uses centralized control, milling workshop operations can basically be realized nobody, and easy to maintenance.