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What is YGM95 high pressure grinding mill price in Egypt grinding plant?

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Comparing with Raymond mill, high pressure suspension mill is higher grinding efficiency and finer grinding powder in grinding plant.Both Raymond mill and YGM series high pressure suspension mill can produce the powder fineness reach 300 meshes. However when we process dolomite in 2000 meshes grinding plant, Micro powder mill is better than Raymond mill and high pressure. One of our Cairo clients intends to buy YGM95 high pressure grinding mill for 3.5 ton per hour limestone grinding plant,Why choose YGM95 high pressure grinding mill for sale? What is YGM95 high pressure grinding mill price in Egypt limestone grinding plant? 

Parameters of YGM95 high pressure suspension mill
Maximum feeding size: 25 mm 
YGM95 mill Grinding rollers:4
Grinding roller height:170 mm 
YGM95 Mill Rated power:72.5 kw 
Output size range:200-400 meshes
Roller Diameter of YGM95 mill:310 mm
YGM95 mill grinding capacity:3-4.5t/h
Dimension: 7550 mm x 7400mm x 8100 mm

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