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Technical advantages of CZM micro powder mill in dolomite grinding plant

Release Time: 2017-2-8 11:42:29 Visits:Source: www.smallcrusher.cn Editor:Great Wall Company
CZM series micro powder mill is also called three ring micro powder grinding mill, Comparing with Raymond mill and high pressure suspension mill, micro powder mill is ultra fine grinding mill in grinding plant. The complete Micro power mill includes hammer crusher,bucket elevator, hopper, screw conveyor, classifier, powder collector, dust-catcher, air-blower, vibrating feeder and dust discharging valve. CZM micro powder mill is more suitable for ultra powder grinding plant of dolomite, limestone, calcite, talcum and gypsum etc. Great Wall Company analyzes you the technical advantages of micro powder mill in dolomite grinding plant

1.Raymond mill powder fineness is from 30 meshes to 325 meshes, high pressure suspension mill can produce powder reach 425 meshes and micro powder mill can produce powder fineness from 325 meshes to 2500 meshes. 
2. Innovative wearing parts materials and latest grinding technology greatly prolong wearing parts life of micro powder mill. The practical service life of Raymond mill wearing parts is about 4-6 months, CZM series micro powder mill wearing parts can use for. 
3. CZM Micro powder mill is higher grinding efficiency and reliable grinding capacity than Raymond mill in grinding plant, Low production cost saves 30 % energy consumption in whole grinding plant. 

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